Townhouse stock plan project.

Narrow lot 2 story Townhouse stock plan

This unit is designed to be a part of the row house. The building is shaped to fit narrow lot dimensions. Both the front and rear elevations have effective exteriors with large windows. The front elevation is embellished with a Porch.

1st level features spacious Entrance Hall, Kitchen, Dining, Living and Home Office, 16'x38' Pool.

Home with open floor plan combine the kitchen and adjacent living areas into a single, large gathering space where family members and guests can interact during the entire course of a visit, not just during the sit-down meal. The result is a home that encourages a more modern relationship between the kitchen, traditionally considered a working zone, and formal spaces such as the living room and dining room.

1st Floor has its own half bathroom. Pool area is equipped with a shower.

This level also has a two car garage.

2nd level features master suite with private bathroom and Walk-in Closet, 3 bedrooms with a shared bathroom, spacious laundry. This level also has additional half bathroom. Finishing this level is the roof terrace.

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